God changes people

Our article on conversion narratives in Dutch evangelical television programs entitled ‘God changes people: modes of authentication in Evangelical conversion narratives’, is now available in the latest edition of Journal of Contemporary Religion. The conversion story is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Evangelicalism. In this article we focus on the conversion stories of interviewees within the setting of several related Evangelical televisionprograms broadcast in the Netherlands since the 1980s. We argue that the conversion story is construed through a particular view on and practice of authenticity. Thus we see that, in the televised conversionstory, modes of authentication are at work in what we analytically distinguish as frames, narratives, and strategies of authentication.We argue that the idea of an authentic transformation has changed

from a more fundamentalist mode of authentication, emphasizing the subjection of the self to a particular religious narrative, to a more expressive mode of authentication that emphasizes the exploration of the inner, unique self of the interviewee.

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